Wildlife Damage & Repairs

Wildlife Damage Repairs

As you know if you’ve ever dealt with a wildlife nuisance, any wild animals that enter your home can cause a significant amount of damage. From the smallest pests like rats to larger examples like raccoons, each species has its own unique method of destruction that leaves a lasting impact on your space, especially if the infestation was especially bad or long-lasting.

While you may be tempted to DIY these repairs or even hire a regular contractor, it’s best to work directly with wildlife pros like our team at Complete Wildlife Removal. Our expert team has the specific blend of experience with home repairs, sanitization and deodorization, and wildlife knowledge to be able to restore your space to its former glory safely and thoroughly. 

When you attempt to tackle these repairs yourself, you put yourself in harm’s way due to the diseases and parasites that often run rampant in wildlife urine and droppings. While you may think you can easily remove it, the problem is often deeper than it appears at first glance, and you’re exposing yourself to potential sickness with every moment you spend on the project.

Contractors, on the other hand, definitely have the expertise to understand how to repair your home. However, they’re still unlikely to understand how to best tackle problems related to urine and droppings, and they may be unfamiliar with the specific types of damage that are most commonly created by wild animals. 

Lastly, in the event that the repair process uncovers evidence that the wildlife infestation is still active, both you and a contractor are unlikely to be able to effectively finish off the problem. As we complete repairs, we’re also thinking about how we can best prevent any future issues and looking for signs (like new entry points or nests) that may indicate the threat hasn’t been entirely eliminated.

Damage can take on a variety of definitions depending on which type of creature was involved, how many animals were involved, how long they were on your property, where they took up residence, and how active they were throughout their stay. We see both indoor and outdoor damage that ranges from slight cosmetic issues to full-blown destruction.

Indoor damage often affects insulation, carpeting, wall materials, electrical systems, pipes, and ducting, and minor cosmetic damage throughout like stains and holes. Outdoor damage often affects roofs, siding, porches and decks, gardens and landscaping, and even your home’s foundation. Most of these issues will be clear to you right away, but others you may only notice after further inspection of your space. It’s important to tackle these repairs in a timely fashion for several reasons, including preventing further damage, mitigating the risk of the wildlife returning to your space, and maintaining your own health and safety standards. 

When it comes to repairs, we do it all. Some of our most common repairs include replacing insulation contaminated by urine, feces, or a dead animal; repairing woodpecker holes; repairing torn siding, soffits, or roofing material; repairing electrical wires that have been chewed through; and replacing sunken decks, stairs, or porches that have been dug under. 

If the damage we’ve listed here doesn’t describe your particular situation, give us a call and we can talk through your options and provide a free quote. We can also help to assess the damage if you send us photos of your space. Our team is based out of Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah, but we serve clients across Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. Give us a call if we can be of service! 

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