Complete Wildlife Removal

We Safely Remove Wildlife From Your Building or Property:

We safely and humanely remove wild animals out of your building or off your property. We are fully licensed and know the laws governing the removal of each species of wild animal in your area.  Our methods are humane and in compliance with local and federal laws.  We handle the animal so you don’t put yourself in danger of bites, scratches, disease or further property damage. 

Wildlife Damage RepairsWe Repair Damage Animals Caused

Such As:  

  • Replacing insulation contaminated by a dead animal or an animal’s urine or feces.
  • Repairing woodpecker holes
  • Repairing torn siding, soffits or roofing materials after raccoons destroyed them
  • Repairing wires that rats, mice, chipmunks or squirrels chewed on
  • Repairing sunken decks, stairs or porches after an opossum or skunk dug a den under them

We Trap Wild Animals

Our seasoned professional wild animal control experts are highly skilled at the best methods and equipment to trap wild animals.  We know their habits, their most active seasons and times of day, and the most effective techniques to trap them. 

Full Service Team

 We are your full-service professional trapper network.  Wherever you are, whatever wild animal problem you have, we are your front-line defense against wild animal threats and animal damage. 

We Remove Dead Animals

Rotting Animals in your wall, chimney, attic, or in your crawl space attract flies, rodents, and other pests. The smell can be overwhelming. Removal of a dead animal must be done properly to prevent further spread of contamination.