Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from City Animal Control?

Local animal control is only responsible for catching dogs and cats.  We trap feral dogs, feral cats, and all other nuisance wild animals, birds and snakes. 

Can I get rid of the wild animal myself?

 In many cases, licenses or permits are required to trap a wild animal or remove a wild animal.  Strict laws govern the removal of certain animals.  Your fully-licensed professional wildlife trapper knows each species and the laws governing their removal, as well as being skilled at trapping wild animals and safely and humanely removing wild animals from your home or property

Can you help me figure out which animal is in my home or on my property?

 We offer free on-site quotes, during which your wildlife specialist can help you determine what animal is in your on your property. Alternatively, you can send us pictures of animal damage, the animal den or animal droppings and we can help you determine which wild animal you need removed. 

Do you do home repairs?

 We repair animal damage to roofs, fascia, siding and soffits.  We cap chimneys to block raccoons or block squirrels from nesting in the chimney. Animals like squirrels, raccoons, mice/rats and pigeons contaminate and damage attic insulation. We replace contaminated insulation. 

What do I do with a baby animal?

Leave it alone and contact us.  Our licensed professional wild animal control officers know each species and how to safely handle them. 

Do you get rid of armadillos?

Our professional wildlife control specialists are highly skilled at trapping armadillos that are digging armadillo holes or armadillo dens in your landscaping.  They then remove armadillos off of your property.

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