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Park City, Utah

Complete Wildlife Removal is currently based out of neighboring cities Salt Lake City and Park City in Utah. We serve clientele across Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. 

Park City is located just east of Salt Lake City in northern Utah. It was established in 1868 when a group of prospectors first discovered silver in the Park City hills. Word quickly spread about the rich silver veins and what began as a tiny settlement quickly boomed, ultimately attracting over 7,500 silver hopefuls (almost the same population Park City has today!) via the Transcontinental Railroad. The possibility of silver riches even drew international residents, bringing in settlers from Ireland, Sweden, Finland, China, Scotland, and more. 

In 1884, Park City was officially incorporated as a town. Park City is one of the only towns in Utah originally established by non-Mormons for a purpose having nothing to do with religion. Today, this legacy can be seen in Park City’s disproportionate number of bars and restaurants for its small population.

Speaking of population, as of 2019, the population of Park City was just under 9,000 people, giving it a very different feel than neighboring Salt Lake City with a population of almost 200,000. However, as a popular tourist destination, the tourism population almost always exceeds the local population, giving the area bustling energy that makes it feel more populated than it is. 

Park City lies at an elevation of roughly 7,000 feet above sea level, giving it a significantly higher altitude than Salt Lake City and giving it a slightly different climate. Park City is typically a few degrees cooler than Salt Lake City year-round because of the increased elevation. 

Popular activities drawing tourists to Park City include world-class ski resorts, over 400 miles of maintained hiking trails, a 3,000-foot bobsled (one of the longest slides in the world!), and, of course, beautiful scenery and access to nature around every corner. 

While many of the events throughout the 2002 Winter Olympics took place in Park City, the area may be most well known for being the hub for the Sundance Film Festival each year. Many films launched at the Sundance Festival go on to receive critical acclaim and achieve incredible success across the globe. Additionally, like Salt Lake City, Park City is also considered part of the “Silicon Slopes” tech and startup scene. 

Both fortunately and unfortunately, Park City’s close proximity to nature means that there are ample opportunities to run into our natural neighbors, many of which are creatures that you may not want in or around your property. Our team of wildlife removal experts is standing by to offer support in the event that an unwelcome guest takes up residence in your space. Give us a contact us for a free quote if you’re experiencing wildlife trouble in or around the Park City area. 


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