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Raccoon Removal


  Raccoon in the chimney?  Raccoon babies in the attic?  Dead raccoon in your building?  Do you have raccoon damage on your roof, in your attic or in your walls or crawlspace?  We trap, get rid of, and remove raccoons. We repair raccoon damage,clean scat and remove dead raccoons.  

Bat Removal


 Noises in the chimney? Screeching or rustling in your walls? Bats in the wall? Bat droppings smelling up your house? We remove bats, prevent bats from roosting, we trap bats and we properly and safely clean the bat guano. 

Pigeon Removal


  Pigeons are also known as rock doves or flying rats. It can be fun to feed pigeons in the park, but no fun to clean pigeon droppings off of your shirt, your car, out of your machinery, off of your buildings or sidewalks. You don’t want to deal with water damage to buildings as a result of pigeon nests damming up gutters or downspouts. We clean up after and remove pigeons. 

Skunk Removal


  Skunk damage can include skunk holes in the yard or garden, attacks on chickens or pets, dens under decks, stairs or foundations, and skunk spray which can result in thousands of dollars of property damage.  We trap, remove, and get rid of your skunk problem. We deodorize after a skunk has sprayed on your property.  

Swallow Removal


  Every year, swallows return to their last nesting site.  Don’t let them come back to build swallow nests on your building, under your eaves or in your outbuildings.  Swallow bugs infest your property, their nests deface and damage buildings and sidewalks. Their droppings are messy and stain siding and concrete.  Swallows are protected by federal and local laws, and there are strict guidelines governing swallow removal and swallow nest removal.  We act in accordance with those laws, and remove swallows, remove swallow nests, and put swallow prevention techniques into place to keep them from returning to your home or business year after year.  

Woodpecker Removal


  Laws protect woodpeckers and govern woodpecker removal.  We act in accordance with local and federal laws to remove woodpeckers, get rid of your woodpecker problem, utilize woodpecker prevention techniques to protect your property and repair woodpecker damage.  

Vole Removal


  Voles, vole holes, vole tunnels and vole burrows destroy yards, gardens, flowerbeds and crops.  Voles are active all year long, even tunneling under the snow.  That means they’re breeding all year long, and you can end up with a serious vole problem.  We get rid of voles, we trap voles, we exterminate voles and we remove voles for you.  

Rat Removal


  Rat damage can be expensive to repair, and rats spread all kinds of diseases and contaminate food and property.  Call us as soon as you think you have rats in the house, rats in the yard, rats in the attic or rats in the wall.  We get rid of, exterminate, trap, and remove rats for you. We can repair rat damage and safely and properly clean rat droppings.  

Gopher Removal


 Are you struggling with a gopher problem? Are gophers leaving gopher holes, gopher tunnels or gopher mounds all over your landscaping? We get rid of gophers for you, we trap gophers, we remove gophers and we exterminate gophers so you can go back to enjoying your property.

Squirrel Removal


  Squirrel damage ranges from contaminating your building with their parasites and droppings, to ripping a hole through your soffit, babies in the walls or attic, damaging your garden or landscaping.  We  trap, remove, and get rid of your squirrel problems. We block squirrels from returning into your building, and remove dead squirrels. 

Snake Removal


  Snake problems can range from a solitary non-poisonous snake in the house, to a large snake nest in your foundation or basement, to a poisonous snake threatening you or your family.  We trap, get rid of, and safely remove snakes out of your property.  

Porcupine Removal


 Porcupines are not aggressive animals, but they defend themselves well by releasing porcupine quills into whatever animal grabs a hold of it. Porcupine damage, however, can be extensive. They dig holes throughout yards and landscaping in search for food, and chew through everything from horse saddles to plywood to siding to wooden handles on tools. We remove porcupines. 

Beaver Removal


 Beaver dams and beaver lodges cause floods in the basement and floods on your property. Beavers eat valuable trees and damage crops. In short, beavers on your property can cause you a great deal of money in repairs. We trap beavers and we remove beavers off of your property. 

Chipmunk Removal


 Chipmunk holes in your walls? Chipmunks nesting in your attic or chimney? Chipmunk tunnels in your flower bed or garden? We trap chipmunks, we remove chipmunks and we get rid of your chipmunk problem. 

Mouse Removal


 Are mice running in the walls? Do you have a mouse nest in your furniture or attic? Are there mouse holes in your walls or cabinets? Are you finding mouse droppings in your food or pantry? Mice carry dangerous parasites and can spread deadly diseases. Contact us to get rid of your mice fast, before they breed, multiply and cause more damage. We get rid of, trap, exterminate, and remove mice. 

Mole Removal


 You spend too much time and money on your landscaping and garden to have it destroyed by moles, mole hills, mole tunnels and mole burrows. We remove moles off of your property so you can go back to enjoying your beautiful lawn, flower beds or garden.  

Feral Cat Removal


 Feral cats in the garage? Wild cats on your property? Do you wake up at night because of fighting feral cats? Are feral cats attacking your pets or are feral cats defecating in your yard or children’s play area? You have the right to have us trap feral cats and remove feral cats off of your property. We get rid of feral cats for you, safely, legally and humanely. 



 It can be charming to watch rabbits in your yard or spot rabbits hopping through your neighborhood, but you could soon have a real rabbit problem on your hands. Rabbits breed quickly and eat voraciously. They must constantly chew on things to keep their teeth from growing too long, and will gnaw on anything they can find. Rabbits eat garden plants and other vegetation and rabbits chew on trees and leave them open to disease and damage. 

Bee Removal


 Bees in your walls? Honeybee comb on your property? We are highly skilled at safely removing honeybees and honeybee combs out of walls, outbuildings, attics, roofs or hollow trees on your property. Our professionals safely get rid of bees and get rid of your honeybee problem. 

Rock Chuck Removal


  Also known as yellow-bellied marmots, rock chucks are a digging rodent (like a large gopher) and can cause major damage to foundations and patios; the enormous tunnels they dig underneath the ground by pulling out rocks and dirt can undermine structures like porches, walls, driveways and even homes. It is important to stop a rock chuck problem the minute you discover it before any major damage occurs. Our company is capable of trapping and exterminating rock chucks and blocking off their holes so that no other animals can use them to get under your house, patio, or drive way and cause more trouble before you have the chance to make permanent repairs.