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About us


We Are Your Full Service Experts

  We are your full-service EXPERTS in wildlife removal, wild animal management, wildlife control, animal control, animal removal, relocation of wild animals, dead animal removal, exclusion services, blocker installation, insulation replacement, and decontamination or sanitization of a site after an animal has been removed.     

Do Not Wait To Contact Us!

We WILL take care of your animal problem. Waiting too long can mean more costly damage to your property and the possible spread of disease or illness to your family, tenants or customers. Most nuisance wild animals breed quickly, multiplying the damage and disease they cause. 

Your Wild Animal Removal & Control Specialist Offers the Following

  Expert trapping and removal of all nuisance wild animals. 

Seeking out and sealing up or blocking the wild animals’ entrance points into your building. 

Repairing damage the animal caused, such as replacing contaminated insulation or wiring that has been chewed through. 

Decontaminating, Deodorizing and Sanitizing the contaminated areas. 

Our Most Common Services

Raccoon removal from attics, chimney, and crawlspaces. Removing skunks, snakes, and pigeons. We will also exterminate mice, voles, and gophers. Preventing woodpecker damage, bat damage, and swallow damage. 

What We Will Do For You

  We are seasoned and highly skilled, and we know you want the wild animals out of your house, off of your property, or out of your commercial building as quickly as possible. Our job is to remove the wild animals quickly and effectively, keeping you safe from animal bites, wild animal scratches, animal diseases that can be transmitted to humans or pets, and costly property damage or structural damage they cause.