armadillo Armadillo Removal
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beaver Beaver Removal
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feral cat Feral Cat Removal
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mouse Mouse Removal
mole Mole Removal
opossum Opossum Removal
pigeon Pigeon Removal
porcupine Porcupine Removal
rabbit Rabbit Removal
raccoon Raccoon Removal
rat Rat Removal
skunk Skunk Removal
snake Snake Removal
squirrel Squirrel Removal
swallow Swallow Removal
vole Vole Removal
woodpecker Woodpecker Removal

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Do you hear bumping, thumping, rustling, running, scratching or screeching coming from your walls, attic or crawlspace?

Raccoon caught in a trap

Is something digging holes in your yard or landscaping, killing trees or expensive plants, leaving trails of dead grass or animal droppings everywhere?

Have you noticed smells like animal waste or something rotting coming from your walls, chimney, crawlspace or attic?  Is your home or building suddenly infested with mites, fleas or flies?

We are your full-service EXPERTS in wildlife removal, wild animal management, wildlife control, animal control, animal removal, relocation of wild animals, dead animal removal, exclusion services, blocker installation, insulation replacement, and decontamination or sanitization of a site after an animal has been removed.

DO NOT WAIT to contact us.  We WILL take care of your animal problem.  Waiting too long can mean more costly damage to your property and the possible spread of disease or illness to your family, tenants or customers.  Most nuisance wild animals breed quickly, multiplying the damage and disease they cause. 

Your wild animal removal and control specialist offers the following:


We are seasoned and highly skilled, and we know you want the wild animals out of your house, off of your property, or out of your commercial building as quickly as possible.  Our job is to remove the wild animals quickly and effectively, keeping you safe from animal bites, wild animal scratches, animal diseases that can be transmitted to humans or pets, and costly property damage or structural damage they cause.

Skunk in cage

Our most common services include:

Select the animal you need removed from our list on the left for more details on our services for getting rid of that wild animal.  Or, select your state to find the animal control specialist, bird removal professional, or snake removal expert nearest you.

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